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The 10th International Congressus of Fenno-Ugristics

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New information on visas! Deadline for applications is May 15, 2005. read more...


How to come to Yoshkar-Ola (timetables of trains, busses, planes) read more...


The session of the Executive Board of the International Committee of Finno-Ugric Studies was held in Yoshkar-Ola on March 11, 2005 read more...

The session of the Russian Federation Organizing Committee

Information about excursions

Traditions  Of  Scientific  Forum  Will Be Continued

     Fino-Ugric studies as a scientific branch uniting studies of languages, cultures of related Finno-Ugric and Samodian peoples, has its old historical traditions. read more...

Yoshkar-Ola Is Being Preparing For The Congress Of Finno-Ugrists

The International Congress of Finno-Ugrists that gathers scholars - ethnologists, historians, linguists across world - has been carried on every five years during the last century. read more...


The Tenth International Congressus for Fenno-Ugristics