A) Kozmodemyansk-Yurino

Bus excursion to Kozmodemyansk includes visiting A. V. Grigoryev Museum, O. Bender Museum, the Ethnographic Museum in the Open Air. The last one is the main depository of relics of architecture, objects of life, labour and culture, used by handicraftsmen, farmers of Gorno-Mari District.

There will be a river trip to Yurino where you can visit Sheremetev Castle which was built 200 years ago. The picnic is supposed to be held there.

Maximum number of visitors: 200


B) Morkinsky District

Morkinsky District is famous for its museums: S.G. Chavain Museum, N.S. Mukhin Museum, N.I. Kazakov Museum.

Besides, we advise you to see Mari sacred groves, hills and lakes, as Karman-Kuryk hill. We are planning to show you an apiary in the Shorunzha village.

Maximum number of visitors: 200.


C) Zvenigovo

We offer you to visit the national park Mari Chodra where you can see the wonders of Mari nature. You can also visit Crafts house, Butyakov museum (Chuvash Museum of Ethnography). You will see the performance of the folk group Olyk Sem on the shore of the Volga river near the village Mari Lugovaya.

Maximum number of visitors: 100.


D) Medvedevsky District

We advise you to visit the restored Mironositsky convent (1647) where you can get acquainted with a Christian community of nuns taken the vows. Saint spring is located on the territory of the Convent.

Medvedevo is also famous for its museum and domestic animals zoo.

Maximum number of visitors: 200.


E) Orshansky District

Bus excursion to Orshansky District gives you a chance to learn about Mari culture and traditions. You can spend time in the rural Velikopolye school, Y. M. Shketan National Museum, and attend Mamich-Berdey (Mari national hero) monument.

You will also taste Mari cuisine.

Maximum number of visitors: 50.


Note: The excursion to Bahskortostan is cancelled by the Organizing Committee as a round trip takes 24 hours.