Dear colleagues,


The Organizing Committee of the Xth International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies would like to thank you for your interest in participation in our forum and host you in Yoshkar-Ola in August, 2005.


In order to organize the procedures of receipt of the Russian Federation entry visas in a proper way, and let all the participants get their visas in time and without any problems, we draw your attention to the formalities of submission of the documents to the Russian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you don’t want to have problems with your visas, please do not leave these procedures till the last moment.


Please download and open the attached file (Visa_appl.doc) and read thoroughly the instructions. Please fill in all required personal information, which is necessary for the Invitation for a visa. The Organizing Committee will submit a set of documents for each participant, and then the invitation (so called "visa support") will be sent to the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation, where the applicants will address for a visa.


Please send the filled application form with personal data back to the main e-mail of the Congress ( in attached MS Word file, or by fax (+7 8362 72 07 78). Please send along a copy of your passport (pages with photo and personal information) either by fax or e-mail (as attached jpg. file).


DEADLINE! Application forms with your personal information and copies of national passports must be received by the Organizing Committee of the Congress by May 15, 2005.


WARNING! The national passport must be expired not earlier than in 6 months after the end of the planned visit. Therefore, those participants who have passports with expiration date earlier than in  January 2006 should exchange or prolong them.


Many of you who travel throughout the world have passport filled with plenty of foreign visas. In order to get a new Russian visa, there must be at least 2 blank pages in your passport.


IMPORTANT! Every foreign citizen crossing the Russian border must have the so-called Migration Card (generally given at the airport, in train, or at the border crossing point). Please be aware not to lose these Migration Cards: they must be represented to the Russian authorities during the registration (in Yoshkar-Ola).


Sincerely yours,


Organizing Committee